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Just this week, Poland reopened the Dorohusk-Yahodyn border crossing, which receives the largest volume of goods traffic between the central European country and Ukraine.

This marks the completion of a radical change in Poland’s policy regarding the traffic of goods from Ukraine, mainly cereals, following the recent elections in the country, which resulted in a shift towards a more pro-European government.

This border crossing, which is essential for exports from Ukraine, a country that is suffering the effects of the Russian invasion and whose economy has been badly affected, had been closed since 6 November, causing a situation that had left numerous trucks and drivers stranded, and had also affected supply chains in the area.

This opening is expected to be followed in the coming weeks by others at different border crossings between the two countries, while the European Union maintains certain measures with which it intends to favour imports from Ukraine, mainly cereals.

In the same vein, the European Commission has asked the Polish and Ukrainian authorities to work together as closely as possible to speed up border traffic of goods in both directions.

Source: Cadena de Suministro