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The current infrastructure for the collection of heavy vehicle tolls in Switzerland, known as Prhvc, will reach the end of its useful life at the end of 2024 and will be completely renewed. In this way, the manual service at the processing terminals for Prhvc collection will be phased out and, in its place, the automated toll collection service called European Electronic Toll Service or Eets will be fully implemented, Froet reports.

Eets is a European initiative based on the experience of similar projects at regional level, whose main objective is to standardise collection methods and open the market to external companies offering users competitive conditions. This service has been available in Switzerland since the beginning of 2021, and will now become the main collection method for foreign vehicles, gradually replacing the current manual system with processing terminals at the border. The Swiss Federal Office of Customs and Border Security is already recommending foreign vehicle owners to equip their vehicles with Eets devices.

In this regard, owners who already use toll services through Eets in other countries can extend their service package to include Switzerland. In Switzerland, a “performance-linked heavy vehicle fee”, known as Lvsa, applies to all trucks and semi-trailers with a maximum authorised weight of more than 3.5 tonnes using the country’s roads. The calculation of the charge is based on the maximum permissible weight of the vehicle or vehicle combination, the distance travelled in kilometres and the corresponding emission charge, in accordance with current European regulations.

Source: Cadena de Suministro