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The German federal government gave the go-ahead in mid-June to a series of drastic changes to existing tolls on the German road network for transport vehicles, despite opposition from the country’s transport sector. As a result, the rule will come into force on 1 December and will change both the rates and the tonnage from which it applies. In the latter area, the corresponding CO2 supplement for lorries and the limit value subject to toll payment will apply to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes from 1 July 2024 at the earliest.

In turn, with regard to the toll rates, zero emission trucks, such as electric vehicles, hydrogen combustion vehicles as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, will be exempted from tolls until the end of 2025, as reported by Guitrans. However, from 1 January 2026, so-called zero-emission vehicles will pay 25% of the partial toll for infrastructure costs plus the partial toll for noise and air pollution.

Similarly, Euro 6 vehicles will pay almost 85% more from 1 December 2023, at 34.8 eurocents instead of the current 19 eurocents per km, while LNG and CNG vehicles will continue without tolls for another month, although from 1 January 2024 they will pay the same rate as a conventional diesel truck.

Source: Cadena de Suministro.